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Prices and terms


For a free, no obligation quote, or to ask a question, please send us an email. We will respond to your message quickly, but it helps us reply quicker if you can include in your message the number of words your document has, and any timescales you need to keep to.

Natasha Wagner Editorial is a bespoke service, catering for individual requirements, so the price you pay will be based on how much work is involved. A price is always agreed before work commences on the document, and you can be assured there are no hidden surcharges.

Phone: 07904 236406


If you wish to pay via cheque, please make it payable to ‘Natasha Wagner’ and send to the address on the invoice.

You can also either pay through your bank by visiting a local branch or paying through electronic bank transfer. All details are on your invoice.

You may instead wish to pay via PayPal, just click on the secure PayPal link below, and enter the amount as detailed on your invoice in the ‘item price‘ box, then click on ‘update‘.

*Even if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still use your debit/credit card to pay through PayPal. Just click on the ‘I don’t have an account’ button and the rest is easy!


We want you to be pleased and we want you to come back. You will get the best possible job, based on your budget and schedule, and you will be charged a fair price. In return, we expect you to present the work fairly, not to change the job while we’re working on it, answer any queries and pay the invoice promptly and in full.

You may be working with a client of your own and you may be asking us to complete the work on behalf of that client. Our agreement is with you, not your client, therefore, any delay in them paying you should have no bearing on your ability to pay us.

An invoice is issued on completion of the work and full payment is due within 30 days of the date on the invoice. Customers are advised to ensure they have funds available to pay the fee. PLEASE NOTE: All invoices are subject to the Late Payments Commercial Debts (Interest) Act (1998), by which any payment outstanding, 30 days after submission of an invoice, is subject to interest. Interest will be applied in accordance with the DTI’s ‘Better Payment Practice’ guidelines ie. at the prevailing Bank of England base rate plus 8%.

It is deemed that you have read and understood these terms at the time of accepting the quote and forwarding documents to Natasha Wagner Editorial.